Sharing Skills

What food is wasted the most in your home?

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Bread / ends of bread

“Make bread and butter pudding”

“Eat as toast”

“Make breadcrumbs”

“Cut into croutons and fry or bake with a little sunflower oil, herbs and salt. Add to salads”

“Freeze bread and take out slices when you want it”

” Freeze breadcrumbs and make stuffing, use as a coating or in nut roast”


“Freeze in their skins and use in smoothies or banana cake”

“Use to make vegan muffins or granola

Spinach / salad leaves

“Grow your own – spinach and salad leaves grow well in pots”

“Sprout seeds or micro greens in your kitchen”

“Grow perennial leaves (leaves that continue to grow or come back the following year”



“Food sold in too big portions”

“Open packets of food going off before finishing”

“Salad bags”

Peelings, cores, ends of fruit and vegetables

“Make soup or stock”

“Make compost! Homemade compost saves resources, transport, saves money and is great for your garden”