Sharing Skills

Think about Packaging

Tips to cut down food packaging


  • Refill stores in Seaford 
    – Scoop and weigh
    – Seaford Health Store
    – The veg shop, High Street
    – Paper bags and wrapping from Burt’s Bakery can go into a compost bin along with other paper and cardboard packaging.
    – Buy plastic free fruit and veg from the vegetable stall, High Street, Newhaven. Thursday and Saturday mornings.
  • Buy long life products in bulk where you can. Why not set up a community buying group with your friends and neighbours where you buy in bulk from a wholesaler and split between you.
  •  Ask your local shops if they can stock something you usually have to travel to buy or order online. Do you know most of the greenhouse gases from a delivery are produced in the last mile?

At Home

  • Cook more from scratch as ingredients usually come in more recyclable packaging than ready made foods.
  • Re-use your finished ice cream or margarine tubs at home instead of using aluminium foil or cling film.
  • At home, cover leftover food with a plate instead of cling film. 
  • Create a compost heap and compost any paper packaging such as flour bags and bakery paper packaging along with vegetable scraps and garden waste.
  • Write to producers and ask them to rethink their packaging.

Out & About

  • Carry a refillable water bottle. Many food businesses will fill up your water bottle. Look for the Refill logo on shop windows.

Install the Refill app onto your phone and you can find businesses that will refill your water bottle wherever you go. You can also use the free Refill app to find out where to refill your coffee cup, lunchbox and groceries. And even your cleaning products and toiletries.

  • Carry a refillable food container and coffee cup with you.
  • Take a picnic lunch with you when you’re out for the day or to work. This will save you money, could be healthier and save packaging too.