Sharing Skills

Tips to save food, save money and be kind to the environment


  • Do a quick stock take before shopping and make a list.
  • Try not to go shopping while hungry.
  • Can you freeze or share those special offer deals?

At Home

  • Store food correctly to prolong the life. food storage guide.
  • If your plans change, can you freeze food you planned to eat?
  • Cooking food that’s about to go out of date will prolong it’s life for another three days. 
  • Cook sensible sized portions. Weigh your pasta or rice before cooking.
    75g dry weight of rice or pasta per adult serving.
  • Eat food within 3 days of cooking. Freeze it if you can’t eat it so soon. Once you have reheated it to piping hot (72°c on a temperature probe), the food can be kept for another 3 days but do not reheat twice.
  • A best before date is about quality. The food will be safe to eat past this date but maybe not at it’s best. For fresh food, you can judge whether you want to eat it.
  • A use by date is about food safety. Do not eat food past this date or it could make you ill.
  • Find out more about date labelling from the Food Standards Agency
  • Explore ways to preserve foods – canning, pickling, drying, fermenting, jamming! The Spruce Eats

Local Food Sharing